Studio News


March 24 2009

Rohan Photography LLC now offers on-line review and ordering

After much consideration, I have selected an e-commerce system to provide the option to order event photos online. I plan to offer several of my fine art photos and landscapes for sale in this format. - Links will be posted in the near future.

March 16 2009

2009/2010 Senior Ambassador Program

The 2009/2010 Senior Ambassador Program is in full swing - I am still in need of an ambassador for Conestoga high school and Glenwood high school. If you would like to participate in the program, contact me for an interview.

March 5-8 2009

Studio Open House

In conjunction with the studio grand opening, I held an open house to show off the new studio and some of my latest fine art prints. Attendance was steady over the weekend, and by the final hour, we had about 100 folks stop by to sign the book and visit the studio/gallery.

January 05 2009

Painting in the middle and natural light studios continues - soon, all the walls will be bounce cards!

January 03 2009

The hunt for the new studio was a year and half project - I looked at many locations and I thought it might be interesting to look back and wonder what might have been. Below are the strongest contenders.

First Place - good location - too small and too expensive


2nd Place - good size - bad location - not in good condition


3rd -good location - needs lots of work - put in a bid - lost out


4th - 50th & Grover - Omaha - Great location - out of price range

5th - Great Location - too small - too expensive - too specialized

6th - Great Location - Free Standing - Way Too Big - needs too much work

January 02 2009

Painting of the interior of the main room continues - wall prep is started in the back room and the natural light studio - the recent warm weather and melting has revealed some major leaks on the main floor, so I will have add leak removal to the top of the fix it list. Set and prop building has stalled at the moment due to that paint process so we will be using the old stand-bys. I have a selection of all new backgrounds to choose from and the green screen studio is almost ready for business.